I Ride

An energetic brand of American roots music with an irresistible stew of country, blues, swing, boogie-woogie and good old roadhouse rock and roll.
Genre: Country: Country Rock
Release Date: 1993
1. Fryed Brothers Boogie
2. Bring Out The Love In You
3. Whatchagonnado?
4. Get On, Hold Tight, Shut Up
5. High Speed Man
6. I Ride
7. Carter Road
8. Circles
9. Riding Through The Night
10. Ladies Of The Night
“The title song ‘I Ride’ was a letter written to Tommy Fryed by his older brother Mark, who had learned that Tommy had crashed his bicycle. So he wrote the letter to soothe his sores – all in rhyme, of course. The chorus line ‘I Ride’ was about the first note that Tommy wrote to explain to the family where he had gone. It was plain and simple; he was doing one of his favorite pasttimes – RIDIN’. I turned it into a song riding back to Sturgis, South Dakota one year”
-Harry Fryed
Harry Fryed: Vocals/Fiddle/Harmonica
Tommy Fryed: Vocals/Lead and Rythm Guitar
Doug McDowell: Lead and Rythm Guitar
Ted Sutton: Vocals/Bass Guitar
Fredd Powers II: Drums
Produced by Harry Fryed
Recorded at Studio Z, Sacramento, CA
Engineered by David Whitaker
Photos by Greg Savelin
All songs written by Harry Fryed
“I Ride” and “High Speed Man” co-written with T. & H. Fryed
“Whatchagonnado” written by T. Fryed
Special thanks to our family, friends and fans – We Love You!
© The Fryed Brothers Band (ASCAP) 1993 All Rights Reserved
Tommy has a bicycle He calls it bad on the street
forks as long and wide as train tracks and a seat that’s really neat
It has a custom frame and spokes that would cut tornados in half
and only when Tommyboy rides this thing it gives out a sonic blast
Nobody in this whole wide world can beat Tommy on his bike
Course all the other kids in town they all ride three wheeled trikes
and they envy him and they sing:
Go Tommy go – I ride I ride
Go go Tommy go – I ride I ride
One day Tommyboy dumped his bike and landed on his crown
His front wheel rolled off down the road and forks drobe clean in the ground
his pedals of gold were new but looked old and his chain was high in a tree
One handlebar grip went clean through a house
the other was stuck right on top of his knee
but the kids are still singing about him cause they love him
Go Tommy go – I ride I ride
Go go Tommy go – I ride I ride
His fenders of glass were spread through the grass like salt on a pizza pie
The clothes that he’s worn were tattered and torn and a bird dung hung from his eye
Well after a rest he tried his best to raise his rear up over his feet
but while bending over he saw on a clover a piece of the felt from his seat
Now it’s well understood Tommy’s bike was no good and wonder this kid isn’t dead
but it says in the book if you take a good look God gave each of his young a hard heard
Go Tommy go – I ride I ride
Go go Tommy go – I ride I ride
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